Monsoon Trend: Monochrome

There’s something clean and reassuring about this trend, especially smack in the middle of messy monsoons. Monochrome, or limiting the colour palette of a look to black and white, might seem like a recipe for being on the boring end of the fashion spectrum. But, the look remains evergreen, periodically making its way back onto runways, to street fashion and into wardrobes around the world. This time around, the look has manifested, in the form of stripes, panels, and prints- both geometric and abstract.

For women, the black and white look is probably the easiest to put together, and can be as simple as wearing your favourite black skinny jeans with a nice white shirt, or wearing a pair of two-toned black and white heels with a structured white dress. The look also works beautifully with statement jewellery and can be teamed with statement neckpieces, bracelets, earrings, et al. It also works well with neon accessories, as long as it’s limited to one or two pieces.

Monsoon Trend: Monochrome

The look has also made its way into men’s fashion, and with good reason- it’s a classic and it’s effortless. However, while wearing this trend, one should keep in mind that it’s best to wear layers- in the form of a jacket or vest, or to throw in a layer of grey, to break the monotony- since monochromatic prints are probably best left alone in the men’s apparel department.

Monsoon Trend: Monochrome

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