The Nokia Lumia Series of Smartphones

The Nokia Lumia Series of SmartphonesThe first phones in the Nokia Lumia series, the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, were introduced to the market in November, 2011. With this series Nokia moved away from the Symbian OS to the Windows Phone OS, eventually making, in popular opinion, a reasonably successful foray into the world of smartphones. Today, the series has 10 phones, with the 11th- the Lumia 925, slated to release soon.

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular phones in the series- the Lumia 520, the Lumia 720, and the Lumia 920.

The Lumia 520, an entry-level smartphone, is one of the lowest priced phones in the series, but loaded with nifty features nonetheless. The phone is reasonably priced, easy on the eyes, and has a 4-inch, super-sensitive touchscreen display, a 1 GHz dual-core processor, decent sound quality, and a 5 MP rear camera (no Carl Zeiss lens). However, it lacks certain features such as a front facing camera (essential if you plan on using the device to Skype or video-conference), flash, back-lit display, or a Corning Gorilla Glass screen; which are features that exist on other phones in the series. However, for the price point and if you’re looking for an entry-level smartphone, the Lumia 520 is worth considering.

The Lumia 720 occupies a slot between the 520 and the 920. It’s a mid-priced smartphone that offers several of the higher priced Lumia 920’s features at a lower price point. This phone has a solid build, lightness (it’s a lot lighter than the 920- 128g vs. 185g), a 4.3 inch, ClearBlack LCD display with decent viewing angles and outdoor visibility, a 6.7-megapixel rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics that performs well in low-light conditions, a 1.3-megapixel front camera, bundled with Smart Lenses like Smart Shoot, Cinemagraph, Nokia Glam Me, Panorama and Bing Vision, to its credit. However, recording is limited to 720p on both cameras, and the Windows Phone 8 OS doesn’t allow for too much customisation. The device comes with some standard pre-installed apps, and several popular apps are available on the app store, but it’s not yet as evolved as the Android or iOS ecosystems; you might not always have access to the latest mobile apps.

The Lumia 920 delivers on Nokia’s strengths- an excellent camera, display and build. The 4.5-inch IPS display delivers clear images in rich detail, with a display that is as clear outdoors, as it is indoors. The 8.7-megapixel camera, with a f/2.0 Carl Zeiss lens, image stabilization , good performance in low light conditions, and editing options that allow you to remove unwanted elements from images (smart shoot) and animate parts of your picture (cinemagraph)- which are both fun features to have, are the phone’s merits. The device features a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and a 1GB RAM, a 2000 mAh battery, and a wireless charging pad (sold separately) for those who prefer it to a regular charger. Again, the limitation is the app-store, but this is likely to limit only users looking for something beyond the most popular apps (save a few popular exceptions).

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