Roshni's story- An engineer who believes that paintings are not meant for your walls alone

Name of the Store: EthniChic at

Origin: Bangalore

Designer/Founder: Roshni Puthukudy

Launched: October, 2014 Style: Hand-painted ethnic art made into chic products

Price: Starts INR 299 to 3000

Meet Roshni Puthukudy, who started a Bangalore-based apparel brand, EthniChic. Her USP? Art that you can wear! Read about her journey from being an engineer to an entrepreneur.

"My job, as an engineer, was dull and the traditional art forms excited me much more"

Roshni is an engineer by profession and an artist by passion. When we asked her about what made her start EthniChic, she said, "My job, as an engineer, was dull... there was no motivation to do what I was doing. The traditional art forms excited me much more and hence I started this venture in October 2014. My genre of work is inclined to the beautiful art forms from our culture. All the products from EthniChic are inspired from ethnic and traditional art forms from various parts of India, but are meant for the modern world. The name itself symbolises the concept of my line - Ethnic designs for Chic selections."

An amalgamation of the rich Indian art forms with modern apparel

Roshni says that the Indian market is flooded with western apparel full of digitally printed designs. She didn't want to be another one of the designers to get lost amidst the crowd. That and, the ethnic traditions had always been close to her heart. She adds, "I thought of making it more exclusive by having hand-painted apparel, because traditional paintings were always my weakness. So, it was a dream to do different designs, which had not been seen before." She says that hand-painted apparel is available only to saree lovers as of now but she would like to change that. "My trial was to have it on all possible designs. So I made jackets, jumpsuits, skirts with Pattachitra, Madhubani, Kerala Mural Painting etc on them. EthniChic has now diversified into home décor & accessories too, keeping the theme intact - hand painted and hand crafted with Indian traditional motifs."

Each piece is exclusive since it's hand-painted

EthniChic designs are a true medley of Indian art and traditions. All the creations are made with passion and utmost precision to deliver the best possible products to the customers. Adding to the uniqueness factor, Ms. Roshni says, "Each piece is exclusive since it's all handmade and hand painted. There is a lot of effort that goes in the creation of every single product.

The process begins with conceptualizing the designs. Then the hunt for suitable fabric. Since, its hand-painted, the laborious part of painting starts after the marking is done on the fabric, so that painted portions don't go waste.  After the painting is done, it goes back to the tailor for stitching. But the part most difficult to crack is marketing. Because these are not digitally printed designs but painstakingly hand-painted and the buyers need to value and cherish that fact. Have a look at EthniChic's collection at

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