The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Find the perfect Father's Day gift

Some dads are easy to find gifts for, others not so much. With Father’s Day just around the corner, getting the most important man in our lives the perfect gift is on most of our minds. While thinking of what Father’s Day gift would make his day, we decided to put together this post.

The way we thought about it, there isn’t really just one kind of dad… and therefore, there isn’t one single perfect Father’s Day gift, there are several different perfect gifts, based on the kind of dad you’re choosing a gift for.

The Tech Dad

Now this dad is probably the easiest to choose a gift for, but the hardest to shop for- since he probably buys the latest gadgets as soon as they hit stores. He sends texts from his cutting-edge mobile, keeps his laptop updated with the latest software, and watches his TV shows on the best HDTV there is- and he researched all of these thoroughly before buying them. If this reminds you of your dad, tablets, laptops, mobile phones and accessories, are the kind of gifts he’ll love receiving. Just make sure, he doesn’t order that gadget before you do!

The Dad who Likes Sports

This man really likes sports. He played a sport in college, watches every match and every tournament, roots for his favourite team with as much enthusiasm as he did ten years ago, and probably plays a sport on weekends. Whether he still likes a good game of tennis or cricket, or has moved on to playing golf with his friends on weekends, this kind of dad, will love getting sporting equipment on his special day. If you’re thinking of getting him a nice tennis racquet or new cricket bat, go ahead, he’ll be thrilled.

The Super-Organized Dad

This dad likes keeping everything from his daily schedule to his files in order. He was never a minute late picking you up from school or dance classes, and never forgets a birthday or an anniversary or a meeting- because they’re all carefully noted down in his handy planner (he might have switched to the digital kind, but he’ll be just just as organized as ever). Get him a nice new tablet (the digital planner in its most modern avatar), or that leather- bound diary you’ve seen him eyeing, he deserves it; after all, he’s never been a minute late, for anything, ever.

The Fix-It Dad

This kind of dad likes tinkering around with stuff. He likes buying furniture he can assemble himself, pulls apart new gadgets and puts them back together  just to understand how they work, and probably got you Lego Technic when you were a kid, and sat down and built stuff with you… and sometimes stayed awake building long after you’d fallen asleep. This dad, would like getting a toolkit that’ll make tinkering around more fun, or some furniture he can build himself… and in some cases, that long forgotten meccano kit!

The Sophisticated Dad

And last, but definitely not the least, the sophisticated dad. This man likes the best of everything- be it the car he drives, the shoes he wears, the cologne he uses, right down to his cuff-links… we’re willing to bet he wears cuff-links, at least on special occasions. Buy him a really nice watch, a new leather wallet, or a bottle of his favourite cologne, and you’ve made his day.

Let us know if you like our ideas, or have new ones, we’d love to hear from you.


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