Junglee.com Recognizes your Valuable Contributions - Make your Opinion Count

Customer Reviews on JungleeDo you believe everything that the salesperson tells you? Of course you don’t. It’s always better to hear from someone who has used a product and does not use marketing jargon; and, more importantly, is not getting paid to sing praises of the product. This is the rationale behind the Contributor Recognition Program on Junglee.com.

In this digital generation, before buying anything, we try to find a lot of product information such as specifications, usability, maintainability, value-for-money, and so much more. Customer reviews are a key source of this information. With this in mind, on Junglee.com, we give very high importance to genuine reviews and the users who write them. Today, the Top Contributors on Junglee.com are helping millions of shoppers make the right decision. We will leave no stone unturned to recognize and award these deserving contributors.

Today, we launch the Contributor Recognition Program. Through this program, we will recognize contributors who strive to help other shoppers by providing their valuable opinions. You can become a ‘Contributor’ or a ‘Senior Contributor’ based on the quantity and quality of your reviews.

In addition to this, the top contributors’ profiles will be showcased on our site. Check out the details of this program on the Junglee.com Community page.



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