Reasons to Kindle

To most readers, the true joy of reading lies in being able to forget the book, the act of reading, the tangibility of everything that surrounds it- in being able to forget everything except that which is being read. And that is precisely what the Kindle is designed to make possible. Much like a physical book, where, immersed in the author’s words you don’t notice the paper, the stitching, or the ink, the Kindle disappears in your hands. The device’s e-ink display uses actual ink to create print-like text that lets you read even in bright sunlight with no glare. Much thought has been put into designing the Kindle, ensuring it’s easy to hold, and that it doesn’t heat up in your hands, it even has buttons to turn pages on either side, just like you would with a physical book. The device also has a host of other features such as adjustable text sizes and a variety of font styles, the ability to switch between landscape and portrait view, a built-in dictionary with instant lookup, the ability to search Wikipedia or the web, and bookmarking and highlighting. With its in-built wifi, the Kindle also lets you share passages from what you’re reading with your friends through networks such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also share your thoughts on the books you’ve read with the greater Kindle community.

The Kindle store has over 9 lakh books- ranging from the latest bestsellers to millions of out-of-print books, and Kindle exclusive publications. With personalized recommendations, the ability to download a book in 60 seconds, and on-device storage for over 1400 books, if you’ve finished the book you were reading… you can go ahead and pick the next one, it’s just about a minute away.


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