Realistic New Year resolutions for 2015

New Year Resolutions for 2015!

New Year’s resolutions, in their current state, are not much more than a conversation point. How many times have we sworn to stick by something and never bothered about it after making tall claims among friends?

So here are 5 resolutions that are “keep-able”, if we may say so. Read on!

Pehelvaan’s promise

So you promised yourself you’d lose 30 kgs within 3 weeks like you’re the only one who ever has? Ok, let’s get real! You’re not training to be Rocky, but you can at least break away from the inner Garfield by taking up a sport.

Man can cook

Sir, did you decide to take up cooking EDIBLE food in 2015? Well it’s probably a long shot, but maybe grocery shopping would be a good start. And if you do get past sandwiches and make it into MasterChef, we’ve got all the appliances and utensils you could ever need!


You’ve got your phone nice and covered. Hard body case, screen guard, antivirus! But then you go and get a new phone the next day! Resolve to stop cheating on your phone and find the one that’s just perfect for you!


Of course no one can guarantee the ‘totaling' part, but at least the ‘tea’ part is in your control! Develop and explore your taste for the brew. There’s a whole world to choose from!


Talent is something most of us either have, or at least pretend to have. So why hold back? Just pick up a musical instrument and get cracking on those free online lessons!

Last but definitely not the least, remember to have tons of fun in the new year! Junglee wishes you all the very best for trying to keep up with a whole new set of resolutions!



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