10 Quick Home-Decoration Tips for Diwali

Home Decor Tips for Diwali

Colorful cushions can bring any room alive

The festival season is almost knocking on your door. Welcome it with a bright home. Cushion cover sets in bright colors will bring festive elegance to your home and add the shine that a festival truly deserves.

Adorn the walls with beautifully sketched paintings

Art is life captured at its most beautiful. Give your walls a fresh breath of life by adorning them with fine embellishments. Let your home echo fine art created by legends.

Dine happy

Adorn your dining table in shades of magenta, lavender, mustard, blue & more and enjoy a warm meal with your family.

Sundays just got lazier & happier

Nothing would make you happier than to snuggle into a cozy, soft quilt at the end of a long and activity filled day. They are comfortable and they make your room homely and bright. Bring home the famous hand printed Jaipur quilts

On occasions, traditions are everything

Infuse the spirit of tradition this festival season with beautifully designed puja thalis and pots. Hues of golden, silver and traditional colors all blended brilliantly to bring alive old traditions and ancient history.

Celebrations are incomplete without diyas and candles

Make the holiday and the festival count- add that sparkle to your home. Light a diya to celebrate fondly and add to your home a lovely home décor item.

Sofa covers can give new life to your sofas                         

Give your living room an easy makeover and delight your guests. Lovely sofa covers of premium quality fabric with intricate designs will always make your home more welcome and beautiful.

Be on Time

Add spark to your home with designer wall clocks. They can be bright, subtle or quirky, choose a clock that resonates your style the most; the added advantage – you will always be on time.

There is always room for a Vase

Handpainted, crystal, glass there are endless types to choose from, so the next time someone brings you flowers, just take out your beautiful vase and brighten up your room or just place it in a corner with water and pebbles in it.

Lighten up those corners

Transform the dull corners of your home at night with beautiful and funky lamps. They are the quickest way to literally brighten up your room.



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