Anarkali Suits

Confused about what to wear this Diwali? Try on an anarkali suit. These kurtas have a beautiful silhouette that is designed to flatter the wearer. Anarkali suits have an umberella styled tunic, cinched at the waist, and are typically worn over fitted churidar bottoms or churidar leggings. The timeless appeal of this design blends elements of the traditional and the modern to create an effortlessly feminine outfit that is next to impossible to go wrong with.

Here are a few designs we loved.

You could either wear a heavily embroidered tunic embellished with stones or crystals, or opt for a simpler kurta in a vibrant colour. Alternatively, you could also try accessorizing a plainer tunic with bold, statement pieces in jewellery.

The origin of the Anarkali kurta dates back to the Mughal era, when courtesans were said to have worn these flowing kurtas. The Anarkali, is said to have been worn by the dancer of the same name immortalized in K. Asif’s 1960 Bollwood film Mughal-e-Azam. Very, very romantic… and we’re not complaining!



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