The Royal Rajasthan Home – Bringing Traditional, Vibrant Crafts of Rajasthan Online

Name of the Store: The Royal Rajasthan Home at Bangalore Local Store

Origin: Bangalore

Designer/Founder: Shanu Mathur

Launched: 2014

Style: Traditional Rajasthani handmade dress material, furnishing

Price: Starts from Rs 850 onwards

Every saga has a beginning.

The Royal Rajasthan Home traces its origin in the passion and pride that Shanu harbours in her Rajasthani roots – and her talent of culling out the best of authentic Rajasthani dress material and furnishing items and showcasing it before the world. The brand that brings to you authentic, hand-picked Rajasthani dress materials, bedsheets and cushion covers is taking its baby steps towards big success with its growing popularity among ethnic fashion lovers in Bangalore.

Our conversation with Shanu, founder of The Royal Rajasthan Home, led us to the discovery of some interesting facts about the spunky entrepreneur and her unique brand.

Symbolically fashionable

The Royal Rajasthan Home is much more than being an online store for exclusive Rajasthani items. For Shanu, each piece in her store is symbolic of the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. While the aari work stands for the chaste beauty of a Rajasthani bride, the tie and dye Bandhani items are reflective of the hard work put in by hundreds of traditional artists in Rajasthan.

"Handpicking authentic handcrafted pieces is our differentiator"

Unlike scores of retail outlets that dish out graphic printed dress materials claiming them to be original pieces, The Royal Home Rajasthan offers exclusive, hand-crafted and handpicked products that boast of authenticity like nothing else you would find elsewhere. Shanu corroborates, “All materials are sourced from Jaipur. I would rather compromise on the price than the quality.”

 “When I started out, I realised that what most sellers are offering are graphic prints. They aren’t even original! All the products that The Royal Rajasthan Home offers are hand-picked to ensure quality. If you are buying a Bandhani dress material, you can rest assured that the entire piece has gone through the actual tie and dye process. Same goes for a leheriya or block print dress materials,” says Shanu. “It is indeed difficult for an ordinary person to identify which is authentic and which is not. We ensure authenticity by personally picking out handmade prints from machine-made ones. It is this factor that we would call as the differentiator.”

Fighting odds all the way

Starting out, Shanu had to tide over language barriers, fight off competition on Facebook. Talking of her journey, Shanu says, “Language was a major issue when I started this business eight months ago. However, I have grown over that hurdle. I understand Kannada pretty well now.” Shanu started marketing her business on Facebook. But she had to deal with competition there. “There are several sellers on Facebook and it is indeed difficult to establish your identity as a brand there. I have found a reliable customer base in working women, housewives and some Facebook groups there. However, billing becomes an issue at times.” Shanu has now set up an online store at and her payment-related problems have been solved. “Junglee helped us solve our payment issues with its fast, convenient and secure payment process,” she says.

Tasting the sweetness of success

Shanu has come a long way since the day she started. “I have started taking wholesale orders now. It feels so good at times when you get the orders for delivery. One of my customers in Chennai bought three pieces of dress materials from me some time back. Then she came back with an order for seven more pieces. Recently, she contacted me saying she was starting her own boutique and has placed an order for 100 pieces,” says a gleeful Shanu. Shanu’s intends to expand base to newer markets and locations. And all we can say to her passion to drive The Royal Rajasthan Home beyond boundaries and geographies – Touché!

Check out The Royal Rajasthan Home’s collection online at Bangalore Local Store on Pay using your debit and credit card and get them delivered straight to you.

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