Apple's Colourful Avatar: The iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5cThe iPhone 5c takes over the space that the iPhone 5 would otherwise have occupied. And justifiably so, since, on most fronts, the phone is the iPhone 5 in a colourful new avatar – the phone is available in white, pink, yellow blue, and green, as opposed to Apple’s standard white and black variants. At a lower price point than the 5S, and with peppier aesthetics, the device looks like it’s targeted at a younger demographic.

On the design front, the phone is drastically different from its predecessors and from the iPhone 5S. An all-plastic body, glossy finish, customized cases in the same colours, and an OS that mimics the colour spectrum, exhibit a definite detour from the design philosophy of the brand so far. But, it might just be a good one. The changes do not, in any way, make the phone look or feel less premium than its counterparts. Seamless design, signature rounded edges, and Apple’s trademark frame ensure that the phone still feels like a premium handset. It also doesn’t subscribe to the flimsy design adhered to by most other phones with plastic casing, and instead brings forth a slightly heavier case that is a definite plus for durability.

But, the true mettle of the phone lies in the spec sheet. The phone is powered by the A6 chip, has a 4 inch 326ppi retina display, an 8MP camera with 1080p HD video recording, and a front-facing 1.2 MP FaceTime camera with 720p HD video recording. At 4 inches, the device’s screen is smaller than many comparable Android phones in the market; a larger screen would definitely have been a plus for viewing videos and browsing the internet (especially sites that aren’t mobile optimized). But what it lacks in screen size, the device makes up for in ergonomics – the phone simply fits way more comfortably in the palm of your hand and is much better suited for one handed use, when compared to its larger screened Android counterparts. And as always, the built-in apps and the app store are a definite bonus, especially for those who are already invested in the Apple ecosystem. The phone’s battery is comparable to that of the iPhone 5, with the battery lasting the day on casual usage. The device is available in 16GB and 32GB variants.

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