Meet Swarna, the mom entrepreneur who creates and sells handmade jewellery online

Tete-a-tete with Swarna, founder of KraftyWaves, the Bangalore-mom who makes money selling interesting paper quilled jewellery and customised gifts.  

How did you get into paper quilling?

I was interested in crafting as hobby since childhood. Always loved to experiment new art and craft works. While staying in the U.S. in the year 2008, happened to browse through a blog which explained in detail the procedure for paper quilling and I tried it out. Loved the outcome. That’s how my journey with the art of paper quilling started.

Are you doing this full-time?

I am a stay at home mother and I operate out of my home on ‘KraftyWaves’. I work on my craft whenever I get time- So, I would call myself a full-time entrepreneur and a full-time mom :)

How has your journey been so far?

Till the year 2012, I was doing this craft more as a hobby. Whenever I found time, was learning new techniques in quilling. Lots of facebook pages inspired me to start my own venture ‘KraftyWaves’ in June 2012- it was started on a small scale. First milestone was the huge success in very first exhibition which happened five months after the launch of KraftyWaves. Initially I was working on products to showcase on exhibitions, now doing my work based on orders. I have recently launched customized scrapbooks, albums, and exploding gift boxes. I also take classes on paper quilling and other paper crafts.

What is unique about KraftyWaves?

KraftyWaves products are solely designed and created by me. So whenever I work on a product, always keep in mind each product is unique. Every product is created by choosing the right color combinations, quality findings, and is quality checked before presenting to customers.

Are all your products handmade, eco-friendly or recycled?

Paper is my favorite raw material. 90% of my products are made with paper and everything is handmade and eco-friendly. I also concentrate on recycled works like earrings and neck pieces out of magazine papers, t-light holders made from old CDs, etc.

Can you take us through the process of making something?

Let me detail the procedure of making a paper quilled earring. First the design has to be decided. Then, the colors and suitable paper strips. Papers are hand rolled to desired shapes and sizes. Each piece of rolled paper is glued together to get the final design and coated to make it water-proof. Then, earring findings are added to complete the earring piece. A pair of earrings may take anywhere from 2 hours to a whole day, depending on the detailing.

Any parting thoughts for our readers?

It was an immense pleasure to share a few thoughts and ideas about me and my venture. Hope you all liked reading it. If you have some time, do check out my collection of handmade jewellery on


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