The Right Colour for your Wedding Lehenga

Find the perfect lehenga for your wedding

The most anticipated and awaited day in any girl’s life is her wedding day. Most of us have a long list planned right from our childhood. Whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged one, we’ll like to see things fall in place according to our wishes, and that’s only because we want our weddings to be perfect. After all, it’s our day!

“What is the bride wearing? How does she look? What is her make-up like? What jewelry is she wearing?” If these are the kinds of questions in every guest’s head, a bride has no option but to look her best! In order to do so, one of the main things that the bride has to focus on is her wedding lehenga. It is important that the choice of her lehenga colour is one that matches the bride’s complexion as well as her personality.

The most-preferred colour for the wedding lehenga is red. And why not? It brings out the inner beauty of a bride and complements the glow in her skin. However, brides these days are willing to experiment with colour and want to look distinct, stylish and perfect. They want to make their wedding memorable and special by dressing up like dazzling divas. To do so, you’ve got to choose the right colour for your wedding lehenga.

1. Pink is the new red. This new and popular colour is girly, chic, lively and young. Remember Aishwarya Rai and her baby pink lehenga on her mehendi? It complemented her gorgeous blue eyes and fair skin so well. Pink coloured lehengas usually have silver work on them, and are best suited if you're going for a soft, subtle look.

2. Another growing trend in today’s times is colour-contrasted lehengas. Double shaded lehengas like green and red, orange and pink, copper mixed with antique bronze work or triple shaded ones such as red, green and gold, green, pink and orange etc. are gaining a lot of popularity. This type of lehenga looks amazing with kundan and polki sets.

3. If you are a dusky beauty, try yellow, orange or bright blue. It enhances your skin tone, making you look ethereal and utterly gorgeous. The time of your wedding should also be taken into consideration when choosing your lehenga colour. Like most others, if you’re getting married in the evening, go for a deep navy and/or sapphire blue color with silver work. Gold, copper and maroon are good colour choices for morning weddings.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect coloured wedding lehenga, it’s time to choose the best one for you! Visit The Wedding Store on and choose from the latest and most trendy and fashionable wedding lehengas in your budget!



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