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Sundays are meant for waking up late. And brunch. Nothing fills an empty Sunday better than a brunch with friends, just chilling with them and stuffing your face for hours.

While your friends will love you whether you show up as prim-and-proper as Kim Kardashian/ Shah Rukh Khan or “unconventionally” stylish as Lady Gaga/ Ranveer Singh, we say you read ahead and try some of our suggested brunch looks, and avoid getting arrested by the fashion police. 

1. Go Shorty

Guys, pick up some well-fitted shorts with tiny patterns and team them with a brightly coloured tee and boat shoes

Girls, flaunt those long legs in shorts that end mid-thigh. If you’re going all out with shorts that are of an eye-popping colour, coordinate them with a slightly dull-coloured top. Finish the look with cute ballet flats

2. Denims all the way

Blue denims with a white tee or top is such a classic combination for both girls and guys that it can be worn anywhere. Why not for brunch?

Girls can go for skinny blue jeans with a feminine white top, and pair that with red ballerinas for a touch of colour. 

Guys can do the same: pair your white T-shirts with blue jeans and red/maroon casual shoes. 

3. All-out casual

The women can work their charm in printed sundresses. Remember you’re not going clubbing, so low-heeled pumps will be perfect. 

Guys can pair linen trousers with polo tees in pale hues and leather loafers. 

Lastly, we suggest you throw caution out of the window. Live your style and just have fun! 



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