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As we enter into the 68th year of our Independence, it’s important to remember the one man that made it all possible. On the 67th death anniversary of our beloved Bapu, it is our duty to remember the man for what he was, what he did and what he believed in.

Here are a few books that throw light on the life of one of the most iconic men in history.

1. An Autobiography Or the Story of My Experiments with Truth

Penned down when urged by his coworkers to do so, this book covers the important incidents from Gandhi’s life right from his childhood till the year 1921. Written in Gujarati, it was first published in weekly instalments in Navjivan, his journals. Frank, outright and honest in his writing, the book showcases Gandhi’s intense passion and humility.

Author: Mahatma Gandhi

Translator: M. Desai


2. M.K. Gandhi, Attorney at Law - The Man Before the Mahatma

The first biography of his life in the law, the book follows Gandhi on his journey towards self-discovery. When representing the besieged Indian community in South Africa, Gandhi realised that by combining his professional work with his moral principles, he is able to create a strong powerful voice against the atrocities meted out to his fellow Indians. He also understands the power of civil disobedience, something that he later on uses to bring down one of the most repressive governments to heel.

Author: Charles Disalvo

3. The Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Louis Fischer, through his memorable biography of Mahatma Gandhi, pays his respects to the man who led the fight for Indian Independence from British rule.

Author: Louis Fischer

4. Gandhi Before India

An unchartered territory, this book throws light on the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi the man, not the Mahatma. The first of a two-volume biography, the book revolves around Gandhi’s life from 1869 to 1914 - the period that begins with his birth and ends with the return of the lawyer Gandhi to India after having carried out a successful revolution in South Africa. It gives insights into the experiences that shaped the ideologies and philosophies that Gandhi followed in his later life.

Author: Ramachandra Guha

5. Gandhi: My Life is My Message

A profound thinker, philosopher, poet and great human being - Gandhi was more than just a leader. A humble lawyer by profession, he forsook personal ambitions and fought against the British Raj. An entire world swept with awe by his idea of non-violence, the man went on to become a Mahatma and led one of the most diverse, complex, dynamic and wondrous nations of the world towards freedom from a supremely oppressive government.

Author: Jason Quinn

Illustrator: Sachin Nagar


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