8 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Old Phone

Smartphones are becoming smarter by the day. With newer and niftier features being introduced in the market at a rapid pace, we feel a constant urge to dispose of an outdated model and bring in a swanky new phone. During this process, we often overlook an important consideration while selling or exchanging our old phones—data security. Before you sell your old phone, follow these steps to secure all your personal information:

1. Back up your data

The easiest way to back up your photos, videos and music is by transferring them. Remove the SD card and insert it into your computer's SD card reader. If your device does not have an SD card, then connect the device to the computer using a Micro USB cable. Once you do this, you only need to cut and paste the contents of the phone to your computer.

2. Sync your contacts

Your contacts might have already been backed up if it is synced with your Google account. If not already backed up, go to Settings-> Accounts-> Google-> Your Email Address and then make sure that checkbox against 'Contacts' is checked to enable syncing.

3. Encrypt your phone for added security

For most users, a factory reset after backing up data will be enough to wipe their phone clean. However, there are still ways in which data can be extracted by hackers.So if you want to be extra sure, do encrypt your data before doing a factory reset. By encrypting, the data will be accessible only by inputting the password you would have set for decryption. Without this password, the data will remain locked and safe. To do this, go to Settings->Security->Encrypt phone. You should also encrypt your SD card if you plan to sell it along with the smartphone.

4. Do a factory reset

Once you've encrypted your phone, perform a factory data reset to erase all data from your phone. This will ensure that the device gets back to its factory settings and all your information is removed. Doing a factory reset is simple. Go to Settings->Backup & Reset->Factory data reset. Once it is done, the phone will reset and work again as though it is being used for the first time. But be warned, if you intend to sell your microSD card as well, the factory data reset process may not be sufficient to erase all the content in the SD card.

5. Include or remove phone accessories

Make sure that you include all the accessories that came along with your phone when you initially bought it. This will generally include the battery (in case of a removable battery), adapter or charger, USB cable and headphones. You need not include phone covers or cases. However, if you have upgraded any of these accessories or want to sell those that you bought separately, let the buyer know about these details and quote your price accordingly. Most people, however, simply remove the extra ones and include only the stock accessories while selling their phone.

6. Remove SIM card and micro SD card

Before selling the device, make sure that you remove your SIM card. You do not want the buyer to misuse your number in any way. If you do not intend to sell the microSD card along with the device, then remove that as well. However, if you wish to sell it, make sure that you back up all the content available in your microSD card, then wipe or format it before giving it away.

7. Clean your phone, literally!

And finally, a responsible thing to do before selling your used phone is to clean it inside out using a soft cloth. Remove any dust build-up from areas around the camera, inside the battery cover and within the ports. You should also remove scratched screen guards (if any), so that the phone looks and feels as if it is at its best condition. A clean looking phone will ensure that the buyer feels happy about the purchase!

8. Sell your phone online on Junglee.com

One of the easiest ways you can sell your phone is to post an ad on Junglee.com. All you need to do is click a few pics, mention the condition of your phone and set a price. Click here to get started.

Once you have sold your old phone, go ahead and purchase a trendy new smartphone with the assurance that all your old data has been backed up and is safe from any prying eyes!

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