Dress Up For Your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is ‘round the corner and you have already decided how you are going to spend the entire day with your loved one. And in this plan of yours, there features a romantic dinner, right? You must have already started raiding your closet trying to find that perfect outfit for the perfect evening and come to the conclusion that you have nothing to wear. Fret not ‘cause as always, we’re here to the rescue!

First things first ladies, a red dress is a must and you know that. Then comes the right accessories, followed by the shoes.  Keep make-up to the bare minimum and let your date bask in your natural glo(w)ry!

1. Dresses – Skaters, gowns, peplums, bodycons, kaftans, halters – there are so many types to choose from! Having said that, don’t go for something that you usually opt for. Surprise to your Valentine by showing up in something he has never seen you in before. For example, if you’re the skater/ kaftan dress type of girl, step out of your comfort zone and don a gown. Similarly, if gowns and maxis are your ‘thing’, flaunt those curves by wearing a bodycon/peplum dress and ensure you have his undivided attention throughout the evening. Get the dress featured on the image  here

2. Accessories – Might we suggest going minimalistic? A gold clutch, a rose gold watch and tiny studs for your ears are the perfect accompaniments for your outfit. Don’t want to keep a check on the time? Strap on a thin gold bracelet and you’re good to go.Get the bracelet featured on the image here 

3. Shoes – Here comes the hard part. Choose the style you’re most comfortable in, because the last thing you want to do is spoil the evening due to the pain that inevitably comes as a + 1 with heels. Stick to the ones your feet are already accustomed to, and ensure that the perfect evening comes to a perfect end.Get the heels featured on the image here 

Guys, don’t feel left out. We’re here for you, too!

1. Suits – Let’s keep it classy, shall we? Firstly a well-fitted suit is your best friend. Make sure you have one of those for the evening. Our suggestion? A classic black two-piece suit, paired with a crisp white shirt and a red tie. We can already see the girls fainting! Get the suit featured on the image here

2. Watches – A solid black or even one with a hint of silver should do the trick. Remember, the timepiece a man sports gives a true insight to his personality. And since you’re on for keeps, your timepiece should say that about you, too! Get the watch featured on the image here 

3. Shoes – If a black suit is what you are planning to wear, might we suggest you team it with a pair of formal shoes of a tan hue, and vice versa. Same colour as the suit is always a safe choice, but hey, a little mix and match never hurt anybody! Get the shoe featured on the image here 

Now go out have some fun! And don’t forget to thank us later



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