6 Stores You Can't Afford to Miss at the Sunday Soul Sante

Soul Sante has become an indigenous part of the ethos of the start-up city Bangalore. You can expect to find Bangalore's coolest artists, designers, chefs and curators there this Sunday. But your visit to Soul Sante is not complete without meeting these exceptionally talented people and checking out their awesome creations.

No Strings Attached by Prachi

No Strings Attached is a journey of a customer-turned-designer, Prachi Garg, an NIFT graduate who translated her absolute love for jewellery and accessories into a handcrafted contemporary luxe costume jewelry line. Each piece, being hand done, has its own charm and grace and is created in limited editions to offer unique options to a select set of buyers. Bold, dramatic, yet extremely wearable. Statement-making 'affordable luxury' pieces is the design philosophy.

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Chanchal by Chanchal Badsiwal

Chanchal works with artists and craftsmen across the length and breadth of India to bring forth their art forms, craftsmanship and unique perspective. Fusing various indigenous art forms to create intricate and mesmerizing patterns and styles. Be it chitrakala such as Pattachitra from Odisha, Madhubani from Bihar, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Warli from Maharashtra; intricate embroideries and hand-woven fabrics from Benaras, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, or Rajasthan-- Chanchal brings all of these and many more art forms to you!

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Chotee by Jaya Rawat

Jaya Rawat's Chotee is a cute happy brand that just looks good and spreads cheer. Visit Jaya's stall to find spunky little hair accessories like tiara hair bands, snowflake clips, floral barrettes, birdy/pinwheel tictacs—but that’s not all you will find at her store. Look around and you can find some interesting neck pieces, wrist bands or the ever-popular feltease—a multi-purpose contraption that you can use as a belt, tiara and also as a headband.

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Happy Knots by Anne Rakesh

Anne describes HappyKnots as 'passion converted into fashion'. HappyKnots offers unique hand-made accessories; her specialisation is in making hand-hooked crochet products, upcycled bottles, hand-painted pots and tutus for babies and kids. Don't miss her stall at the Sante if you want some drool-worthy little tictacs made of crochet!


Pigtails and Ponys by Nivedha Charles

A glue gun, scraps of fabric and two girls from NIFT came to create a few hair clips and bands, which has now grown to become a much sought-after accessory brand, Pigtails and Ponys. One of the most popular products offered by Nivedha Charles is a Bendy-- a fabric headband with a wire frame that can be wrapped and twisted around your head in countless ways! We strongly recommend you to try a Bendy at the Sante.


Flames of the Forest by Mrinalini Cariapa

Started in 2006 by Mrinalini Cariapa, this has store has earned its share of dedicated patrons who visit again and again to find Mrinalini making even more beautiful, nature-inspired, offbeat creations every time. To find the perfect stones to create her unusual pieces, Mrinalini travels all over the world and sources rare semi-precious gems and then sets them in Sterling Silver. We recommend you to try the unusual, statement-making jewellery she makes using raw Emerald, unpolished Aquamarine or streaked Turquoise.

Just to let you know, we have also set up a stall at Soul Sante. We won't be selling anything there but we have some amazingly cool activities and contests for you. So do stop by to say hi and win assured prizes. See you at the Sante tomorrow. :)


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