5 Dresses Every Girl Should Own

From the basic white shirt to the perfect pair of heels, there are some things that are essential to every girl’s wardrobe. And that extends to dresses as well. What kinds, you ask? Read on to find out…

Floral Dress


A Floral Number

A knee length floral dress is just the right thing for a summer party or brunch with the girls. This effortlessly feminine design needs little accessorizing; slip on a pair of girly shoes, grab a nice handbag and you’re all set! If you’re in the mood to try something bold, pick a dress with large prints; if not, small floral prints on a pastel shade should be just right.



A Beautiful Gown


A Beautiful Gown

Let’s face it; although you’ll never admit it, there are days when you want to channel your inner movie star; and what’s more movie-star glamorous than a beautiful gown? If you’re tall and athletic, a slip-dress can look immensely flattering on you, while curvier women look great in dresses with empire waistlines. If you’re petite, get something in a solid colour head-to-toe. Since this isn’t a dress most of us will wear too often, you might want to pick a classic design that’ll never go out of style… unless, of course, you actually are a movie star!


Maxi Dresses


A Maxi

Maxi dresses are ankle length dresses that are a casual version of gowns. They’re perfect for an evening stroll by the beach, or a quiet afternoon with yourself at that little café, where they let you read a book for hours on end, without bothering you. Maxi dresses are best paired with flats and a tote or messenger bag.



Peplum Dresses


A Tailored Dress

For work lunches, after-work parties, and dinner with the queen, a nice, tailored, knee-length dress is what you need. Peplum dresses are the design that’s in vogue, but you could also choose to wear a basic belted dress instead. Pick a dress in a solid colour, preferably demure; leave the neon to the mini-dresses.




little black dress or lbd



How can we not include this one? A little, black cocktail dress, that always makes you feel like a million bucks, is definitely a must-have. This versatile dress can look different and channel different vibes depending on your accessories. Pair it with glamazon heels, a nice hairdo, and a chic clutch.



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