The Best Books of 2014

The Best Books of 2014

The year 2014 saw the release of a number of bestselling books. As the year comes to an end, let’s recollect and see which books have made the cut into the list of best books of the year.

1.    Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

“A rural-urban story like no other”, Half Girlfriend has Madhav and Riya as protagonists who want separate things. Madhav falls in love with Riya who, unlike him, is fluent in the English language. The former wants a relationship and the latter was more interested in staying as friends. To this, they come to a compromise, where Riya agrees to be Madhav’s half-girlfriend. 

2. Shikhandi: And Other Tales They Don't Tell You by Devdutt Pattanaik

Pattanaik is probably one of the only authors who says it like it is. After bestsellers like Seven Secrets of Shiva and Seven Secrets of Vishnu, comes a book like no other. This is one topic that is yet to be discussed freely and openly in our country. According to Pattanaik, “Queerness isn't only modern, Western or sexual.”

3. Personal (Jack Reacher #19) by Lee Child

A former Major in the US Army Military Police Corps, the protagonist, Jack Reacher quit at the age of 36, and now roams the country investigating dangerous and suspicious situations. The 19th instalment of the series, this novel sees Reacher travelling across the Atlantic to Paris and then to London in search of the gunman who attacked the French President. The stakes have never been higher - because this time, it’s personal.

4. Adultery by Paulo Coelho

Another masterpiece by the internationally acclaimed Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, Adultery revolves around Linda, a woman in her mid-thirties. She has what people believe to be the perfect life - a stable marriage, a loving husband, well-behaved children and a job as a journalist that she cant complain about. However, everything turns upside down when Jacob, her ex-boyfriend walks into her life.

5. Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett

Called “potent, engrossing” and “truly epic”, the finale of the Century Trilogy covers one of the most tumultuous eras of all: the 1960s through the 1980s, encompassing civil rights, assassinations, Vietnam, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, presidential impeachment, revolution—and rock and roll. A must-read, the trilogy follows the lives and fortunes of five intertwined families—American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh—as they make their way through the twentieth century.

Have you read them all? If not, you know where to go! Head to now, and find all the Best Books of 2014.



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