Make his day with the perfect Father's Day Gift

Father's Day 2014

‘Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.' - Anne Geddes

An ultimate hero, inspiration and best friend at any time can be just one person - Dad. Father’s Day is an important day to celebrate and remember our dads for all the roles they have played in our lives. Their unconditional support, warmth and love shape us as individuals. They’ve always put our needs before their own, and they’ve taught us to be better people. Our dads are beyond compare because of the sacrifices they have made to make our lives meaningful. Father’s Day is as great an occasion as any to return the gesture, so let’s make this one extra special and gift them something that talks to their personality and to celebrates their role in our lives. Here’s a guide to help you pick something to gift your dad this Father’s Day.

1. Familiarise him with technology. Surprise your dad by gifting him a new phone or a gaming console. This is a very thoughtful gift as both of you will get a chance to spend time together. Take your pick, see what suits your dad best.

2. To make your dad feel special on Father's Day, set the surroundings with your dad's favourite music, drinks and of course, food. You can also take your dad down memory lane by digging up old family albums - a superb way to relive special moments you have had together.

3. Cufflinks are another very special Father's Day gift. If he is a man who believes in owning a power wardrobe, but doesn't mind carrying off something a little flashy, gift him cufflinks.

4. No more disposable razors and soap. Help dad out by upgrading his grooming routine. Present him with a multipurpose grooming kit!

5. A classy and elegant watch is always a good bet to put a smile on your dad's face. Find out his personal style and gift it to him.

Finally, it’s about making him feel special and spending time with him, which is difficult due to our busy lifestyles. Take time out this Father's Day and show him that he really is ‘beyond compare’.



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