5 Reasons Why You Must Read Chetan Bhagat’s Books


1.  Because he inspires.

Chetan Bhagat writes simply, he writes clearly. He writes what all of us could understand. And above all, he makes all of us think that we could write too! His books have been translated into different languages and have been read by a million other people who have seeked inspiration and written books.

2.  Because you can totally relate to them!

Chetan Bhagat writes about simple, everyday problems that every common man faces. Be it love, studies or job, he brings out the nuances of the classic indian life quite effortlessly. No frills, no flowers, no crazy twists and turns. Just the right amount of masala (if you know what we mean) and a book that earns a place in the top 10. Relatability level 100, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Because if you pick up his book, you will not rest till you finish it.

Let’s admit it, Chetan Bhagat’s stories have that little something that makes you hold on to the novel right through the end. Call it mystery, suspense, tragedy, what-you-may-like, he will definitely teach you how to finish something once you pick it up!

4. Because he writes things like these:

“Eye-talk is more important than word-talk.” - One Night @ the Call Center

“The world’s most sensible person and and the biggest idiot both stay within us. The worst part is, you can’t even tell who is who.” - Two States

“Sports teaches a subject called as teamwork, teaches how to chase a goal, with passion, discipline and focus.” - Three Mistakes of My Life

“When good things happen to you, you kind of feel there is something odd. Like this could be a dream.” - Five Point Someone

“Sometimes, life isn’t about what you want to do but what you ought to do.” - Revolution 2020

5.  Because it’s all happy in the end!

His books will never make you feel incomplete, betrayed or damaged. His books will almost always end on a positive, hopeful note - almost saying, after all, life is not all that bad.



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