How Two Women’s Love For Fashion Created Ommel

Name of the Store: Ommel at Bangalore Local Store
Origin: Bangalore
Designer/Founder: Amrita Sokhy and Unita Chandan
Launched: 2014
Style: Latest international fashion; exclusive-limited pieces
Price: Starts INR 699 to INR 2099

Ommel, a Bangalore-based online fashion label started by two friends, has created its own niche by combining international trends and styles to craft exclusive outfits for the style-lusting women. We spoke with Unita Chandan, designer and founding-partner of Ommel, to have a little tete-a-tete.

“We got so frustrated. We saw such amazing trends internationally but there was no place in India to buy it from”

We asked Unita what inspired her and her partner, Amrita, to start Ommel. “We realised that most women face this problem you would see amazing designed pieces on Instagram, Pinterest, blogs but you don’t know where to buy them from. So we used to get really frustrated because we see such amazing trends internationally and we wish we could buy it but don’t know where to buy it from. All you can get is what everybody is wearing. So we thought we should come up with a line of clothing which would not only be a solution for our problem but for many other girls because we were not the only ones facing this problem."

“We limit pieces per style— we want every girl to know that every other girl will not be wearing this”

“The main focus of our brand is to limit our stock in terms of number of pieces per style. Because we want every girl to know that every other girl will not be wearing this. We have personally had many experiences where we buy an expensive dress from one of the popular brands and we spot at least three girls wearing the same dress at the same event.” Unita elaborates, “So it’s not about the money anymore but it’s about being unique. That is what people are looking for.”

“We see what is trending and we try to give it our own twist”

 “We see what is trending and we try to give it our own twist—our own kind of fabrics, own kind of trends.” Speaking about one of their successes, Unita says, “Last season, kimono was very in. We wanted a modified version of that and started making cover ups. You could wear them with jeans or a dress or a t-shirt. We made them in long and short designs. That was an experiment and it became really popular.”

Neon is out; maxi and skater are the hot new trends

Any tips for our readers? We ask. “There is only one rule to fashion that there are no rules. So wear what you like, wear what you are comfortable with. Follow the trends, but follow what you think is your style.” We nudge Unita a bit more: “I would say that neon is out. If you want to still wear neon, go for pastels with very little neon. Bodycon dresses are out of fashion too. One could try maxi and skater—both skirts and dresses.”

We hope you enjoyed reading about Ommel as much as we enjoyed talking to them. Good luck to Ommel and more power to you, Unita and Amrita.

Ommel is now selling their collection at the Bangalore Local Store at You can easily pay online and have your outfits delivered straight to you.


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