Dear Bhaiya... A Note to Brothers on their Sisters

Come Raksha Bandhan and the one song that plays in my mind without fail is the Behna Ne Bhai Ki Kalai Pe Pyaar Baandha Hai. For the uninitiated, it is a beautiful song sung in the mellifluous voice of Lata Mangeshkar and from the movie Resham Ki Dori. Thanks to good old Doordarshan and Chitrahaar, this song would play year on year for this festival and now I know it by rote.

Well, it’s Raksha Bandhan time again and no, I am not gonna talk about the top 5 songs of Bollywood on Rakhi. Instead here’s a little note to the brothers on sisters.

Read on brothers (and sisters too)…

  • She’s stylish, she’s goofy. She’s organized, she’s messy. She’s fat, she’s thin. She’s wow, she’s plain. She’s smart, she’s nervous.  She’s speaks her mind. She gives you a piece of her mind too.
  • She’ll cook a feast for you when she can, and when she can’t, well, she’ll order it for you!
  • She makes a mess of your room with all her girlie stuff, but makes your mind crystal clear when you are in doubt.
  • She is scared as hell of the darkness, but will wait up for you in the dark to open the door when you come home late (before mum and dad wake up).
  • She’s been doing your projects all along – from school projects to matters of the heart to giving a patient ear to all your office woes. The nature of the projects may have changed, but she is the still the dependable doer - will always be.
  • She will fake smiles and shop for your girlfriend, even when she can’t stand her - because YOU like her. But, she will be the first to hold your hand, when you get dumped.
  • When you choose your partner for life, she feels a void. But when you hug her tight on your wedding day and say “will miss you” it’s enough to fill that void.
  • She still looks at your old photos. She still speaks of your favourite food, irritating habits and endearing qualities. She still reminisces fondly about her childhood spent with you.
  • For her, your still that brother who makes her laugh insanely, cry bitterly, hug warmly and love deeply.

So all the bhaiyyas out there, we all know you love your sister/s no matter her idiosyncrasies. So go ahead, shop online on Raksha Bandhan and make her day!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!


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