5 Reasons to Thank Your Teachers This Teacher’s Day

They say it takes a big heart to shape little minds. Teaching is not an easy profession but is quite rewarding for those who believe in the motto of service. On this Teacher’s Day, we give you not one but five reasons to thank your teacher.

1. Remember the time when your teacher pushed you to participate in the house debate that you eventually won? Or the time when your sports teacher selected you for a particular sport you went on to excel in? Teachers observe children and understand their potential even before the parents or children themselves do.


2. Great teachers continue to inspire us even years after we graduate. They stand for ideals they believe in, even at the cost of personal promotion. Do you have a teacher who is also your role model? Time to let them know.

3. Just as we commonly believe that the education system is not fair to students; we should acknowledge that it’s not fair even to the teachers. Still, teachers don’t give up—they try their best to reform the system from within and make do with whatever resources are available to them.

4. Bunking the classes… cheating in the tests… hiding the duster… putting a roach in the teacher’s drawer... remember how much misery you gave to your teacher? Still, they never gave up on you.

5. Who is the first teacher that comes to your mind every time it’s Teacher’s Day? It could be your kindergarten Miss or your college lecturer… you have fond memories about them even to this day. That’s the one that deserves this applaud. The best teacher, ever.

How will you thank your teachers this Teacher’s Day? Teachers don’t expect much— for them a thank you note is enough. Because, it’s an acknowledgement of all the efforts they put into their students every day.

Special mention to Ms. Sreekala P.G. who is a Junglee mother and has been selected for 2014 National Awards to Teachers. She would be receiving the award tomorrow from the Hon. President of India. Congratulations and thank you, Ma'am.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers out there.


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