Summer in your Wardrobe


It’s hot, you’re bothered and you couldn’t care less if that often-washed, never-ironed, used-to-be-white T-shirt is in vogue or not. Well, the sweltering heat is no excuse for shapeless cotton tees and ragged cut-offs. With a little innovation and lots of help from Junglee, you can be pretty and cool or better still, pretty cool. Here’s a guide:

  1. The season’s colours: Go with soft, pastel shades and comfy fabrics like cotton and linen. But don’t let someone else’s idea of fashion dictate your choices. Experiment with shades you love, from peppy purple to sunny yellow.
  2. Friendly footwear: You want something that is open, lets your feet breathe, is comfortable and makes you love looking at your feet. Choose dainty flip-flops for home or the beach, sandals to pep up the nine to five routine and wedges to complement your dressy evening out. Don’t forget, that pedicure is long overdue.
  3. Accessorise: Carry your world in totes or keep it simple with clutches. Enhance that summer glow with sparkly trinkets - bracelets, pendants and ear-rings.  
  4. Hair and makeup – Keep makeup very light and don’t forget sunblock. Ever. Pamper your hair – shampoo it, condition it and style it into something that stays off your face and neck. Mostly.
  5. Aroma therapy – To round it off, get the perfect summery fragrance that will have you chanting ‘all is well’ whether you miss your deadline or have a flat tyre.

And that’s it, summer in your wardrobe in five easy steps. Do you think so? Let us know.

(Author: Preethy Ann Kochummen)


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