Setting up Home: 5 Essential Kitchen Appliances

If you’re setting up a kitchen from scratch, you’re probably wondering which appliances you really need. Here’s a list of basic kitchen appliances that will probably come in handy on a regular basis. Of course, depending on how much actual cooking you plan on doing, you might or might not need every single one of these. So, read on to see which ones you want to invest in.

Induction CooktopsGas Stove or Induction Cooktop

That one of these is an essential is obvious; but which one you choose depends on the kind of cooking and how much cooking you need to do. While a gas stove is the traditional alternative, more and more people are moving to induction cooktops, or hybrid cooktops, that are a combination of the two. The advantages of an induction cooktop over gas are that it’s a cleaner option, generates less heat (making cooking a lot more comfortable), and is safer. The disadvantages are that many induction cooktops are not as fast as gas stoves- especially with round bottomed vessels such as kadais or woks, you’ll need an alternative when there is a power cut, and while most stoves give you multiple burners, a cooktop doesn’t.

Food Processors


Food Processor or Stand Mixer

Now, you might not think this is not an essential, but it really is. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive food processor right at the beginning, it’s still a good idea to get yourself a stand mixer. Otherwise, even basic things like a tomato or a garlic-onion puree will need to come straight out of a bottle. It’ll also come in handy when you want to blend a smoothie, whip up a sauce or a chutney, or batter. A processor gives you a lot of bonus features- such as a chopper, grater, juicer, blender, slicer and a wet grinder. However, the bonus features do make it a little heavier on the pocket.

Microwave Ovens


Microwave Oven

This is a kitchen appliance that’s become an essential only in the past few years. And it’s not really an essential if you’ve never had one. But if you’ve had one, used it, and gotten used to the convenience of it, you’ll definitely miss it; especially if you’re single and tend to store leftovers in the fridge, and heat and eat them later. Microwaves are also a great way to cook vegetables, make cocoa, and do some basic cooking, only, much faster than on a stove. And if you find your way around which settings to use, you can even use a microwave to bake pretty easily.




No need to harp on why we want this one in our kitchens- we can shop for veggies less often, buy frozen food, store away a week’s worth of fruit, and in some cases, cook less often. But even beyond the convenience of it, a refrigerator is just necessary to make sure you’re storing the right food at the right temperature. While you could go out and buy veggies every day, you’ll still need to store dairy products, meat, eggs, etc., which just need a refrigerator. Your kitchen might need a smaller refrigerator if you’re cooking for just one or two people on a daily basis, but you’ll still need one.


Water Purifiers

Water Purifier

The age old concept of boiling water before drinking it has been replaced by water purifiers. Purifiers additionally remove unwanted chemicals, filter out impurities and improve water quality. This is something most people don’t skimp on unless they’re getting purified water delivered to their homes on a regular basis.

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