Say Hello to 'The Junglee Factory Outlet'

We’ve spoken in our previous blog about  'Why it's not easy being a gadget' & doing something about the 20-25 million “imperfect, yet excellent” gadgets which are returned to manufacturers annually. Remember? We are pleased to announce The Junglee Factory Outlet – a factory store for refurbished goods that are restored to their original condition and sold at a much lesser rate.

With the consumer electronics found at the Junglee Factory Outlet, we give you more for less. You can save up to 25% off the cost of a gadget that you want to buy just by opting for a “refurbished” version of the same product. There are four different product types which lie in between ‘new’ and ‘old’. Explore! Besides the obvious cost advantage, these products also come with manufacturer’s warranties, in order to protect your loss in case you find that your refurbished product is not up-to-the-mark.


This deal also benefits manufacturers as it protects them from the losses incurred by having to dispose of a product they have manufactured. In the grander scheme of things, lesser wastage of raw materials and disposal helps the environment as well. We think it is a win-win situation from every angle. Isn’t it?

So don’t let a perfectly good consumer electronic go to waste, #Getmoreforless at The Junglee Factory Outlet :)





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