Things you probably didn't know about The Matrix

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"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

The Matrix is a cult classic movie that changed the way we perceived sci-fi action films. This ground-breaking favourite had a first of many; remember bullet timing? What made the movie so special was the way it seamlessly wove in extremely rich themes into mind-numbing action sequences shot with finesse and style. Action, merged with sci-fi and a philosophical backstory created the perfect blend for a box-office success. To celebrate Keanu Reeves’ birthday, we’ve decided to list top 15 little known facts about his most famous movie.

15) The Matrix was originally supposed to be a comic-book series.

14) Russell Crowe, Samuel L. Jackson, Chow Yun Fat and Sean Connery were considered for the role of Morpheus. 

13) Every scene has a green filter to make it look like you are viewing the movie through an old computer. 

12) It took 5 years to write the script for The Matrix and 10 million dollars to film only the opening scene!

11) Carrie-Ann Moss (who plays Trinity) never saw herself in a movie before The Matrix.

10) Morpheus is actually the name of the Greek god of dreams. Ironic?

9) The philosophical themes explored in the movie are Nihilism, Relativism, Plato’s Cave, Oracle of Delphi, the World of Rene Descartes and many more heavy ideas. 

8) All the places mentioned in The Matrix are named after places in city of Chicago. However, the entire movie was actually shot in Australia.

7) An acupuncture practitioner was hired to insert needles all over Keanu Reeves in his ‘awakening scene.’

6) All the sunglasses in the movie were custom-designed for the cast.

5) The Matrix grossed over 460 million dollars worldwide.

4) Will Smith was supposed to play the lead character Neo.

3) Everyone (including the leads) on the film had to study philosophy during the production of the movie. Who says actors don’t have to do their homework?

2) Neo is the anagram of ‘ONE’.

1) The Matrix… could be real! :D



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