Makeup Essentials To Own!


With beauty products flooding the market, most of us are often confused about picking up the right product for our skin. Worry not, if you’ re one  among them, here are some tried and tested makeup essentials to  to give yourself a great makeover at your own home.


If you’re looking at the best way to conceal the imperfections in your skin, primer is the miracle product to keep the skin looking flawless and keep the makeup intact for hours. Primers can help greatly by reducing large pores, fine lines, and prevents foundation from looking cakey. Try the Maybelline Baby Skin primer for great results.


Concealers keep the imperfections in your skin incognito. It’s the ultra-product used to cover dark circles, fine lines and imperfections in the skin. Try a hydrating concealer to avoid keep a natural glow in your face.


The benefits of wearing foundation is to give your skin a nice even toned texture and a nice glow. The trick to wearing foundation, especially if you haven't worn one before is to wear a tinted moisturizer. This is the lightest form of foundation. There are excellent tinted moisturizers and light foundations like Mac, Maybelline and NYX


Looking for that sun –kissed glow on your cheek? Try bronzers to get that evening glow and keep the skin highlighted. Make sure the bronzer is not over done during the day to give a complete made up look.

Lip gloss

If you’re looking for a natural look. Try peach and gold tones to give your lips a natural and plumped up look. Depending on your skin tone experiment with colours to match your clothes.

Eye liner

The magic product to completely emphasize your face is the eye liner. Depending on the occasion use it either below or line it on top to give your eyes some more light! Use colours based on personal skin tone and eye colour to give yourself a perfect makeover.



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