5 International Beauty Brands You Need to Have in Your Makeup Bag

Whether you are a cosmetic junkie or someone who loves creating flawless looks, these renowned beauty brands need to be ticked in your list of things to try before you kick the bucket. Check how many you own already.

1 Elizabeth Arden  

Started in 1910, Elizabeth Arden has been creating whirlwinds in the beauty industry and how! Elizabeth Arden opened her first spa named Red Door on Fifth Avenue, NY and followed her mantra of enhancing the natural beauty of a woman and not masking the skin. A testament to this is Elizabeth Arden Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Treatment- a gentle peel that brings out a softer, younger you. We tell you, if you are anywhere close to being a makeup lover, this brand has to be in your bag, no matter what.

We recommend: Being in an amazingly affordable price range, Elizabeth Arden’s perfumes come highly recommended. Try 5th Avenue series or the Provocative Women.

2 Estee Lauder

From being a humble brand started in 1946 by a New York based couple, Estee and Joseph Lauder, with only four products; to becoming a top brand with cult following, Estee Lauder has come a long way. The brand is known for its innovative mineral formulas that sets it apart from other beauty brands.

We recommend: Estee Lauder has some very amazing moisturizers and serums that can make your skin soft and supple, without any oiliness. Re-Nutriv Body Creams and the Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex anti-ageing treatment products are what we’d recommend to anyone looking to invest in a serum.

3 Clinique

Clinique was the first brand to launch ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘100% fragrance free’ and ‘dermatologically tested’ products. Apart from this first-mover advantage, Clinique boasts of makeup and skincare in a wide array of colours and formulations.

We recommend: Try the ever-so-popular 3-step skin care system that was the result of the motto Great Skin Can Be Created”. It comes with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer for different skin types and conditions such as dry, combination, oily, and acne-prone.

4 Bobbi Brown

In 1991, Bobbi Brown, a New York based makeup artist put out 10 lipsticks for sale, expecting to sell around 100 every month. She sold more than that on the first day itself! Since then, Bobbi Brown has received continued attention and much love in the glam industry. It continues to excel in foundations and true matte blushes that are an essential product in every woman’s makeup kit.

We recommend: Bobbi Brown has excellent makeup removers. It also has, without a second thought, the      best lipsticks in nude shades to create a subte, understated look.

5 Burberry

British fashion house, Burberry, has a long history dating back to the 1850s when the first store was opened in Basingstoke, England. In 2010, Burberry launched its own line of cosmetics, known as Burberry Beauty. This brand includes all the essentials required - foundation, concealer, lip colours, eyeshadow and blushes. They have great a highlighting range that can be used to contour the face and body at the right places to enhance your look. Burberry is one of the best fragrance-maker for both men and women.

We recommend: One of the signature Burberry Beauty products is the Velvet Concealer. It is lightly fragrant and has a velvety texture, staying true to its name. It has an amazing semi-matte finish and is a must have if you're considering long lasting makeup.

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