The Apple iPad Mini

While naysayers dismiss the iPad mini for not having a retina display, being priced too high, and relegate it to the spot of the iPad for the kids or the second tablet, the iPad mini does have quite a few things working in its favour. The most obvious- being able to use iPad and iPhone apps, if an app has been designed for the iPad, it can be used on the iPad mini. That’s a definite plus, especially for Apple enthusiasts.

Being more compact than the iPad, the iPad mini, at 7.9 inches, is easy to carry around- although not necessarily pocket-sized in a tuck into your jeans pockets way, it fits quite easily into a handbag or a jacket pocket. And the device is light enough to be held like a phone, despite slightly larger dimensions than a standard smartphone. However, it doesn’t fit into the palm of your hands, as easily as claimed. You’ll also find swiping on it more comfortable in landscape mode- since the screen is larger than a phone screen but isn’t large enough for comfortable typing. The iPad mini also features a 1024x768 display, that means you can choose to view websites or use iPad/iPhone apps in mobile optimized mode or blown up to full-screen mode. Overall, the iPad mini is a great device to own if you want a light portable tablet and are already invested in the iOS ecosystem, and is also a good starting point if you’re looking to see what iOS has to offer.

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