Seller Reviews and Ratings

Seller Reviews and Ratings

Customers on Junglee can now decide which seller to buy from based on the experiences other customers have had while shopping with the seller. Seller reviews and ratings on Junglee are aimed at helping shoppers decide whom to buy from, while simultaneously providing feedback to sellers. This is in line with Junglee’s core tenets- transparency and providing all the relevant information to customers in one single place, to help them make confident, informed decisions. As Aarathi- a customer on Junglee, put it, “I feel safe shopping from small unknown sellers now. I am usually very circumspect ordering online from new sellers but other customers’ positive reviews gave me the confidence to order a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone from a seller who was selling it the cheapest on Junglee. I received my phone in 2 days and the whole experience was painless.” The reliability of a seller site is a key factor in deciding where to order a product from, and the seller review and ratings feature allows customers to take this into account before making a decision.

 Customers can rate a seller on a five-star rating scale and the score is used to calculate the seller rating for that seller. Customers can rate the seller on four key parameters - item as described, customer service, shipping time, and willingness to buy from the seller again – all of which are designed to measure the overall purchase experience of the customer with the seller. Customers can add transaction information including what they bought, order ID and detailed narrative on their experience with the seller. This information is also useful to the seller, in helping locate the customer’s order and in resolving any outstanding issues. Sellers focused on providing a great end-to-end shopping experience to their customers, use this feedback from customers to both improve customer-experience as well differentiate themselves on Junglee.

To ensure that these ratings are an actual reflection of seller performance which other customers can rely on, we pass each seller rating we receive through a series of checks to ensure that it is genuine.

Customers can view seller ratings alongside offers listed by the seller on any product page on Junglee, and can rate and review a seller by clicking on the Rate the Seller link right below the ratings displayed for the seller, by clicking on the give us feedback link in the footer on Junglee, or by clicking on the link in the seller info page for that seller.


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