5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Fun ways to celebrate Rakhsha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan can be monotonous with the same ol’ sweets and rituals. Your sibling and you share a far more fun relationship than that, don’t you? So this year, why not celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a twist? Indulge your sweet-tooth or go on a shopping spree... whatever you do just make sure you have fun!

The good ol' days: Remember those childhood days when you and your sibling spent hours over a tub of ice-cream watching cartoons? Why not relive those days? Grab a large bucket of your favourite ice cream and put on some old cartoons you both enjoy and just have fun! You can also refresh your memories by going through old photographs and videos. A warning however – things could get a little ‘senti’!

The ‘S’ word: Yes, we’re talking about shopping! Send them an eGift Card or let them go crazy with your card online! They just might return the favour and buy stuff for you too.

Make something: Make something just for them - a photo collage with pictures of the two of you over the years maybe?. Trust us,they'll love it!

Getaway together: Keeping sibling rivalry aside just for one day, Raksha Bandhan is all about making your sister/brother happy in your company. And what better than an unexpected weekend getaway! If your sibling has a favourite hobby, make sure that is included in the package.

Fun and games: Remotes always lead to a heated tug-of-war session. So why not get a remote for each? Indulge in some fun video-games that both of you can enjoy. While you’re at it, why not improvise a little? If you beat your brother at a session, make sure he pays a penalty. Maybe he can buy you that pair of shoes you've been craving for. If he wins (fingers crossed!), get out your wallet. It's a two-way business here!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to just have fun today! For all the fights and other crazy stuff you did together, you both deserve this. It’s your day; have a blast!

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