7 New Fashion Jewellery Designers from Bangalore You Must Know

With the unstoppable advent of social media and online shopping,  new-age designers and entrepreneurs have been able to reach out to massive audiences and expand their business online. We have picked 7 fashion jewellery designers from Bangalore who have people crushing over their unique designs.


1. Suguna S- Koral Tree

Koral Tree is all about ethereal and intricately-crafted premium designer jewellery. Started as a small venture by Suguna S. Koral Tree has managed to strike a chord with their customers because of their unique style. They use the 'Millefiori' technique, originated in Italy in the 7th Century, and apply it to polymer clay to create bright, gorgeous textures on the jewellery. Made using ornate pearls, beads, lapis lazuli and other precious stones, Suguna's online jewellery store at Junglee.com has attracted quite a few eyeballs.

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2. Prachi Garg- No Strings Attached

No Strings attached is a journey of a customer-turned designer who turned her absolute love for jewellery into custom-made and hand-crafted luxe costume jewellery. An NIFT graduate, Prachi Garg wanted to make statement luxe jewellery into affordable yet head-turning pieces of accessories. Bold, dramatic and yet extremely wearable, every piece is made in a limited edition so as to offer the exclusivity factor to its customers!

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3. Mrinalini Cariapa- Flames of the Forest

Started in 2006 by Mrinalini Cariapa, this has store has earned its share of dedicated patrons who visit to find Mrinalini making even more edgy, nature-inspired, offbeat creations every time. To find the perfect stones to create her unusual pieces, Mrinalini travels all over the world and sources rare semi-precious gems and then sets them in sterling silver. Sometimes, she just lets the natural, raw form take precedence over cut and polished stone; and uses stones such as raw Emerald, unpolished Aquamarine or streaked Turquoise to create stunning jewels.

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4. Nivedha Charles- Pigtails and Ponys

Nivedha started dabbling into handmade accessories out of passion, back when she was a student in college. But people liked her ingenious pieces and she soon turned it into a full-time profession. She launched her brand Pigtails and Ponys in 2011 and continues to amaze people with unique handmade accessories. Each piece, being hand done, has its own charm and grace. One of her bestselling pieces is bendy- a clever contraption of wire and fabric that can be used in multiple ways.

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5. Nehal Kothari- Pink Luxor

Pink Luxur is a luxury line of fine silver jewellery crafted and curated by Nehal Kothari, a certified Jewellery Designer. Nehal started her dream-project with a desire to hone her love for craft in jewellery. She creates her line of jewellery in 925 sterling silver and likes it polished with gold. She likes to combine the rich traditional Indian jewellery with modern styles and patterns to create authentic and timeless pieces of art. Each collection, each ornament is a story waiting to unfold!

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6. Swarna- Krafty Waves

Krafty Waves is an initiative started by Swarna in 2012. Her store is all about promoting handcrafted eco-friendly paper jewellery and paper craft. From light-weight paper quilled earrings and necklaces to handmade photo frames, customized wall frames, quilled Keychains, quilled watches, handmade gift boxes and fridge magnets, she makes them all. Precariously chosen colours and design make the jewellery bright and beautiful. Swarna also makes customised designs on request. Head over to her store on Junglee.com to check out her unique handmade jewellery.

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7. Shravanthi Santosh- B Jeweled

How could one combine business and art profitably? Ask Shravanthi Santosh, the founder of B Jeweled. She loves to cater to the people as and how they like it and hence, this jewellery designer offers a complete customization of any piece of accessory you pick - be it necklaces or earrings. You could choose from an existing design or express your needs, while she take time out to create something that you have always wanted.

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