5 Reasons Why Mondays Actually Rock

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(Yes, you read it correctly - we are going to give you not one, but 5 reasons why Mondays actually rock!)

Agreed, Mondays can be dreadful, terrible, horrifying – least of all stressful and boring. We all have reasons to hate Mondays – it means the weekend is finally over and now we’ve to get back to school/college/work. But what if you get enough reasons to actually like, nay love, that dreaded day of the week? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Let’s see if we can get you to change your outlook towards Monday.

Coffee - Need we say more? There is nothing like a good ol’ cup of coffee at the beginning of a new week. Granted many of us might not drink coffee, so it may be tea, soda, juice, newspaper, morning run or whatever your routine involves that makes you feel great and helps you start your day with a bang. Trust us, you’ll appreciate it more on a Monday morning!

A fresh start – You were expecting this, weren’t you? “Mondays are all about new beginnings”, blah, blah. But see it this way - if the dawn of the week is positive, and nothing bad has had a chance to happen yet, then it’s almost like New Year’s Day every Monday! Furthermore, it’s a great time to start over, if you procrastinated last week. Mondays give us another chance by kick-starting another week of opportunity and possibilities.

Morning commute to work - For those who have to travel to work, it is a great time to do some serious thinking. Reflect upon your life, solve the world’s problems or rock it out to your favourite music, it does the soul good to have those few minutes to gather your thoughts for the week.

Getting things in order – Let’s face it, weekends can sometimes be horrible. When that happens, it’s a good thing to get back to a normal routine, because that’s where we know what to expect. Being able to plan ahead for the week ahead, and then completing your goals can be very therapeutic. So get busy, plan and accomplish your goals!

Monday = MyDay! Mon means ‘my’ in French, so make this day all about you! Mondays are perfect for sharing those awesome weekend stories and pictures and make plans for the week ahead. Also, you get to flaunt your weekend shopping and get complimented for the new haircut or the glow on your face!

The thing is, it all boils down to your attitude. You can dislike Mondays all you want but they are here to stay, and the sooner you start being thankful for and positive towards this day, the happier you will be!



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