Why Travel?

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‘Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind’- Seneca

Don’t we all wait for the weekends to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Well here’s a suggestion to keep your travels inspired and to help you discover yourself.

To start with once you start travelling alone, you‘ll be hooked on to find an excuse to go exploring again. Most people are apprehensive in the beginning to start out on a journey, but once it's kick-started, the travel bug stays right with you. Here are some reasons for you to start travelling and look at the world through a different lens.


Travelling helps you learn about yourself and the environment a lot more. The first thing to keep in mind is to look at travelling as a learning experience. Experiences shape us and transform us from our stereotypical moulds making us a larger than life human being.


There are many aspects to a person which we wouldn’t have discovered in one trip or vacation. Travel helps you explore the unexplored. You see intricacies of life through exploring as a means to travel. To start with your horizons are widened and there’s a fresh new perspective to your outlook on things!

The value of human relationships

Travel is one of the best ways to remember people you meet through your journeys. There will be people you probably won’t see again, but there will be people who stay a lifetime just when you set out on your journeys. You learn about new kinds of people, their values and how it makes you realize the value of your own life in a great more deal.


The ultimate goal of travelling is an overall transformation in any human being. Travel gives everyone a higher perspective to life. It transforms you completely and helps you think beyond the scenario. This is the main reason why people set out to travel and take off for long periods to attain a form of self-actualization.

I hope these are enough excuses for anyone to have the travel bug bite you and start off on your own or with your favourite person on a journey to learn and discover life a little differently than the rest!



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