Welcome to The Junglee Blog

It’s been six months since the launch of Junglee.com in February this year, and a very exciting six months at that! Junglee was launched with the mammoth vision of being the single starting point for shopping. We endeavour to become the site to visit to find out what your options are, both in terms of products as well as places to buy them from- both online and offline. Everyone at Junglee is intently focused on making this vision a reality, and we’re learning more and more each day- from our customers, our sellers and everyone else on board.

Today, customers can rate their purchases, review products, add them to their saved items, share them with friends through facebook, twitter, pinterest and email, or just look around to see if they like something. We currently have over 1.5 crore products, over 18,000 brands and more than 500 sellers listed on Junglee and are working hard on improving what we have on offer by imbibing everything our customers tell us.

We have big plans for our site. So watch this space for news, updates, and *ahem* inside stories from our end, as we continue to ramp up and give our customers everything they need to make smart shopping decisions.



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